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Mixed Outfits

Mixed Outfits

Curious how I discovered the mixed outfit trick? Visit this section to view the tutorial!


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What happened to Therapeutical?

The original story has been discontinued on Episode and unpublished on Wattpad as it is undergoing a revamp. Due to ongoing circumstances, I make no promises about its return at this rate, but if it does, it will be re-published as a new Limelight story on Episode under a different title. It may or may not return on Wattpad.

What inspired Therapeutical?

Therapeutical is inspired by and loosely based on my personal experiences. However, the characters' backgrounds and the plot are fictional and not based on any actual occurrences.

What is Therapeutical about?

Therapeutical is a psychological drama that revolves around heavy and sensitive topics such as harassment, assault, substance use, self-harm and suicide. It also contains strong language and other themes that are suitable for a mature audience.

Therapeutical is much more than a tale of a forbidden relationship. The primary purpose of the story is to portray various mental health struggles as accurately as possible as well as to raise awareness. No such part of Therapeutical will ever be promoted, glorified or misrepresented in any other manner.

Therapeutical isn't for everyone. If you're personally offended or triggered by such content, please don't read this story. The absolute last thing I want to do is inflict any discomfort onto anyone who reads it; reader discretion is advised.

How to pronounce the characters' names?

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What app and device do you use for your art?

I use Procreate on a 6ᵗʰ generation iPad (2018 model) with the original Apple Pencil. In the past, I used both ibis Paint X and Procreate, each for different tools and features.

Is Procreate free and available on a phone?

Procreate is not a free app, but once you purchase it, you have access to all of its features, meaning there are no in-app purchases.

It's available on the App Store for $9.99 (might be higher depending on your area and tax rate), and it's for tablets only. The phone version of Procreate is called Procreate Pocket, which is available at $4.99.

Both are only discoverable in the App Store for iOS.

What are some of Procreate's alternatives?

There are numerous free drawing apps that are available on both iOS and Android platforms, such as ibis Paint X, MediBang Paint, Autodesk Sketchbook and ArtFlow.

Which brushes and settings do you use?

I use the default Technical Pen and Medium Airbrush brushes along with the Smudge tool in Procreate throughout most of the process. I'll occasionally use a custom brush, be it mine or someone else's, for textures such as skin, pores, hair and fabrics.

The tools I use most frequently are Gaussian Blur, Noise, Sharpen and Liquify, and the blend modes are Normal for shading and tints, Multiply for stronger shading and tints, Add for highlights and Overlay or Soft Light to increase the contrast.

Do you take requests or do trades?


Do you take commissions?


Can I repost your art/edits on my Instagram page?

Unless the art/edit is of you or your characters, you may not. However, if that's the case, ensure to keep my watermark and mention me in the post, and do not claim my work as your own.

Can I use any of your art/edits as my profile picture?

The same guidelines apply as above.

Can I repost or use your art/edits anywhere else?


Can I remove or override your watermark?


Can I redraw your art/edits in my style?


Can I draw on your art/edits and post them on my page?


Can I trace over your art/edits?


Can I take inspiration from your style?

Yes for as long as it's just that – inspiration. If my style inspires you, ensure to mention me for inspiration as well.

Can you teach me art?

I can't "teach" you art. Art is a unique experience which every artist approaches differently. The only person who can teach you art is yourself; you may help yourself with thousands of tutorials and guides scattered across the web.

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Can I turn to you to help me with directing?

You may, but I'll only help you with particular issues, meaning I won't be your personal director, nor will I share all of my secrets with you. If you intend to DM me, please specify what the issue is upfront and provide screenshots if needed.

If you still need help with directing, there are guides for that in Episode support, the Episode forums, Instagram, as well as on YouTube. Remember that directing is mostly learnt through personal experimentation.

How do you create your backgrounds and their overlays?

I create my backgrounds in The Sims 4 with several DLC and custom content. I build and decorate everything from scratch then take screenshots which I later enhance, crop and resize in Procreate to fit Episode's measurements.

The corresponding overlays are created by cutting out desired items (e.g. a table) from the screenshot by erasing the background. For this, I also use Procreate on a 6ᵗʰ generation iPad (2018 model) with the original Apple Pencil.

Where do you get your custom content for The Sims 4?

The vast majority of my downloads consist of creations from The Sims Resource by acclaimed creators such as:

Some other creators I frequently download from outside of TSR:

How else can I create backgrounds and overlays?

You can edit existing backgrounds and overlays by mixing and matching various items or draw your own from scratch. The most convenient way to do that is to use mobile apps such as ibis Paint X, Procreate, Autodesk Sketchbook and MediBang Paint. You can also use PC programmes like Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool SAI and Krita.

Another alternative is to use a 3D rendering software like Daz3D, though this method requires a high-performing PC.

Note: Not all of these are free nor available across all operating systems.

How do you make your character overlays appear clean?

I do that by tracing and drawing over the characters to eliminate the blurry lines without modifying any features. Alternatively, I manually erase everything around the character as I do when I cut out overlays from backgrounds.

Is every character limb and feature a separate overlay?

Yes; at once, there will be at least 26 overlays for a full body on the screen. This is minus the clothes, different hands and eyelid and mouth frames.

How do you animate the characters?

There's no set formula to direct separate character overlays; it's just a matter of experimenting with different values of overlay scales, positions, rotation, anchor points and layering along with easing functions and timing. If you're unfamiliar with these terms, refer to this site.

How do you create animated backgrounds and doors?

These are video frames from The Sims 4 which I resize, edit and cut out separately in Procreate, then upload to the portal as overlays. If the output photos are larger than 1 MB, I compress them using Compress-Or-Die. Finally, I direct them using specific timing values and layers suitable for each animation, which may vary depending on how much the original video buffered.

How do you create your text overlays?

For the screen texts, I use Procreate or PowerPoint on a Windows laptop, then right-click and select "Save as Picture" to download the images as transparent PNG files. I later upload them to the writer's portal as overlays and direct them separately.

How do you create and use mixed outfits?

The tutorial for the mixed outfits is available under this section.

How do you create shadows of Ink characters?

I prefer to keep this trick to myself for now, but it will be available for purchase in my shop at some point.

How do you put Limelight features on Ink characters?

This is another trick that I prefer to keep to myself for now, which will also be available for purchase in my shop in the future.

Will you share your backgrounds and overlays?

No. My backgrounds and overlays are exclusively created to fit my vision of my stories' unique environments.

Will you share your scripts?

Some scripts may come with my tutorials, which you can purchase here. Any other scripts will not be shared, nor will I reveal all of my directing techniques.

Other sections:

Mixed Outfits

Do I need to credit you for this trick?

Yes, I will always ask for credit if you use this trick.

Why should I credit you?

I spent hours experimenting with the portal to try and discover a way around it to make the outfits functional in the script. I then dedicated another few hours to filming and editing the tutorial where I tried my best to show and explain everything as thoroughly as possible. In the end, I decided to share the tutorial with the community from my own will.

All I ask for in return is a simple mention. If you're unwilling to do that, I kindly ask you not to use this trick.

How do I credit you?

You can credit me using at least one of the following methods:

  1. Include a mention of my @ under each post in which you use this trick or Amanda's mixed outfit EA, be it your profile picture, profile post, Instagram story post or IGTV video. You don't have to tag me in the post, just mention me in the caption along with the purpose (e.g. Credit for the mixed outfits to @funicidal). Note that if you use Amanda's mixed outfit EA, you must credit us both.

  1. Mention my @ in your Instagram story, then add the story post to your profile highlights, naming the highlight "Credit" or something similar that indicates the purpose of mentioning me. Don't forget to include the reason for the tag.

  1. Mention my @ in your Instagram bio along with the purpose.

Note that simply tagging me in the post does not classify as credit and that I prefer to be mentioned directly as @funicidal instead of @/funicidal so I can ensure you've credited me.

Can I publish a story with mixed outfits?

You can for as long as your story doesn't contain any other errors. If you do publish with mixed outfits, remember to credit me for the trick either at the end of each chapter (where you usually credit background and overlay creators) or in the intro/opening scene.

Will my story be taken down if it contains mixed outfits?

I believe not since they haven't commented on my use of mixed outfits in the Ink version of Therapeutical upon reviewing it.

Does this trick work for existing stories?

No because existing stories already have an assigned art style. Once you select an art style and begin creating your characters and/or outfits, you can no longer change it even if you delete all of your characters and outfits.

This doesn't work for me!

This method works for everyone – you just have to know what you're doing. Watch and listen to the tutorial closely and follow it at your own pace. It might take you a few attempts to grasp the process and succeed.

I can't save the outfit! What am I doing wrong?

If you get an error saying the outfit you're trying to save contains incompatible items, it's because at least one of your characters is wearing the outfit as their default outfit.

To fix this, return to the tab with your characters and change the character's default outfit to another outfit, preferably a temporary one or an outfit you don't intend to mix. Don't forget to save your changes before returning to the outfit editor!

The outfit I want to preview isn't on the list!

The outfit disappears from the drop-down list once it contains clothing items from more than one art style. This is why you need to keep your character open in another tab before creating and saving your mixed outfit in order to access it.

Additionally, you can't find any new outfits you create after you change the story's art style in the drop-down list, hence you must create all outfits before changing the art style if you wish to preview them.

Can I resume creating mixed outfits later?

No. You only have one shot at this, so make sure you keep both your windows open for as long as you're creating the outfits. A strong internet connection is preferred. You can no longer switch art styles after closing or refreshing your windows, meaning you will not be able to access the other art style's wardrobe again, so you'll have to start over if this occurs.

Why do I get a warning that says I must enable imitation?

The only command that works to change a character's outfit into a mixed outfit is:

  • @CHARACTER previews outfit OUTFIT

The "changes into" command will result in a warning to enable imitation, which also prevents you from viewing the outfit in the story.

Thanks to Rude Inception for discovering this!

My browser's tabs keep refreshing on their own!

This may occur sometimes. To prevent it, keep all tabs open on your screen simultaneously by splitting them into separate windows instead of tabs and clicking on each inactive window from time to time to ensure it doesn't refresh.

Can I create mixed outfits on a mobile device?

Yes. However, it will be a much longer process with more possibility for slipping, so I highly recommend you create mixed outfits on a PC.

I can't find the solution to my problem. Can I turn to you?

Before messaging me, I recommend you try to resolve the problem yourself at least once more. 9 in 10 times, an error occurs due to people not following the tutorial's steps closely in the correct order or generally getting lost in the process.

If you're absolutely sure you can't resolve the issue on your own even after several attempts, feel free to reach out to me via contact or by messaging me on Instagram. If you do, please be sure to explain your issue thoroughly, and, if needed, provide screenshots. Note that failure to explain your issue immediately will likely end up in your DM request being declined.

Other sections:


[Episode] Therapeutical (Ink)


Living dully, Ksenija has lost all hope. However, her life takes a drastic turn – for better or worse – upon being matched with a compelling older man as his psychiatric patient.

Psychological drama · Ink · 4 chapters · Discontinued


[Wattpad] Psychsis


Within the embrace of my demons.

Dark poetry · 19 poems · Ongoing


Therapeutical Quiz

Which Therapeutical Character Are You?

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A tale of forbidden love.


Within the embrace of my demons.


Just chill.


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To the space.


Hold me close.


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Before proceeding, please mind the following:

All payments are made via PayPal in euros (€), requiring an account. If you do not have an existing PayPal account, you will be prompted to create one in order to make a purchase. Once you purchase an item, it is yours to view and download. In case you lose the link before downloading the file or fail to access it altogether, reach out to me via contact or by messaging me on Instagram with your receipt; once you forward me the receipt of the item you have purchased, I will manually send you the link to the file.

Terms Of Use

  1. There are no refunds following completed transactions.

  1. You are not permitted to share any obtained links or files with anyone under any condition. Anything you find and purchase on my site is under copyright protection and intended for personal use only.

  1. Any form of redistribution of my content will result in a filed claim for copyright infringement and new links to my files.

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In case you have any concerns or encounter any problems along the way, feel free to reach out to me via contact or by messaging me on Instagram. Note that prior to assisting you, I will enquire for your receipt to affirm you own the tutorial.

Please remember to also credit me if you publish any stories or share any screenshots, edits or videos across the internet with my techniques!

E.g.: Credit to @funicidal for the custom character animation tutorial.

[Tutorial] Complex Character Overlays I: The Creation

Complex Character Overlays I

Learn how to create your own separate character overlays which you can later use to spice up your stories with unique, advanced animations.

38m 00s

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Purchasing a Procreate asset will grant you the link to access and import it to your app. Credit for the assets is not required but appreciated. You may not override, sell or redistribute any of my assets publicly or privately. Personal use only.

To import custom brushes and palettes into your Procreate app, you will need to download the Google Drive app on your iPad. If you don't know how importing works, follow this tutorial:

[Procreate] Brush Pack #1

Brush Pack #1

8 brushes

[Procreate] Episode Ink Palettes

Episode Ink Palettes

12 palettes

Other categories:

Mixed Outfits

What are mixed outfits?

Mixed outfits are a functional, error-free Episode trick which enables you to use Limelight clothing items and outfits on Ink characters and vice versa. This trick is 100% legit and can be used by all community members without requiring any hacks or special privileges.

Terms Of Use

  1. You must credit me and provide the purpose of doing so whenever you use this trick and post screenshots, edits, videos or publish stories with mixed outfits, whether on Instagram or elsewhere. If you use this trick outside of Instagram, you must provide credit and link my Instagram page to it, and if you publish a story with mixed outfits, you must credit me for the trick either at the end of each chapter (where you usually credit background and overlay creators) or in the intro/opening scene.

  1. If you're using Amanda's mixed outfit EA, you must credit us both.

  1. You may not re-upload, recreate or redistribute this trick anywhere in any shape or form. This trick is discovered and shared by me, and I wish to keep it on my site only. Directly linking my original tutorial anywhere is allowed.

  1. You must not steal or claim this trick as your own.


Below is a tutorial that shows you how to create mixed outfits yourself.

If you have any questions about this trick, its usage, or encounter any issues during the process, please visit this section before reaching out.


Do you have any concerns or questions that haven't been answered yet?

If so, feel free to get in touch with me. Business inquiries only, please!

Message Sent

Thank you for contacting me! Please give me up to a few days to reach back. Your patience is much appreciated.